The Beloved Nude Collection | A Series Documenting the Journey to Self Love

Still, what I want in my life is to be willing to be dazzled— to cast aside the weight of facts
and maybe even to float a little above this difficult world. I want to believe I am looking

into the white fire of a great mystery. I want to believe that the imperfections are nothing—
that the light is everything. 
-Mary Oliver

When I think of February, I visualize only love. I purposely chose to start this special photo series this month because it’s tied to all aspects of feminine love: nurturing, harmonious and abundant. The more I photograph women, the more my heart for women grows. During interactions and moments of enlightenment that follow with clients, friends, soul sisters and strangers, one theme rings true for all women: Their love, beauty, body and spirit need to be celebrated more often. I’ve discovered that much like any other healing process, the journey to truly loving oneself takes time, patience, persistence, discipline, support and so much grace. What the journey looks like varies for each woman, but I’ve found that the key to the process is in vulnerability. Through this photo series, I’ll be asking women to trust me with their most sacred gift: their bodies.

When undressed, our skin is the only barrier to the outside world; it’s what first protects us from immediate physical dangers and what takes the first hit from other happenstances. That’s what it’s meant to do. Through the years of my work as a boudoir photographer, I’ve discovered that when women undress, however, they unknowingly cling onto and even add layers upon layers of invisible skin: shame and self-doubt being the most prominent. I can see it almost immediately, and it naturally makes me want to tend to them, help them see how gorgeous they are and propel them into the healing journey of self-love. As someone who’s walked the many steps of sacred self-care, I’m a firm believer in the power of time, which is why I’ve developed this series into a year-long project. Each post will have a theme assigned to it and will give light to a specific step of the self-love healing process with many parallels to themes we see in nature (the ultimate goddess). Along with a theme, I’ll unveil a picture that will be the representation of each respective theme, as conceptualized by me. The fine art pieces will be available for sale and, one-by-one, will become part of a 12-month story. 

This month’s theme is: Replenish. When was the last time you paused and really thought about what your soul needs as nourishment? All around me I see and feel an air of depletion due to politics, seasonal patterns and each of their ramifications. There’s a heaviness in the air that I want to move though, move past. It’s in these instances where I prioritize nourishing practices in my life. I take a minute or two to notice how I'm feeling and what my spirit is craving. I eat in a way that makes my body feel good, take my sweet time getting ready, read something that sparks my curiosity (from anatomy pamphlets to erotic novels), sweat regularly and spend time simply loving my healthy body. Tapping into myself is easiest for me when I'm either in the shower or those moments right after stepping out of the tub. Being completely naked is freeing because I'm reminded of our most primitive relationship: our relationship with ourselves.  Wisdom about what kind of nourishment we need is voiced through this sacred connection; it’s spoken to us most clearly when we distance ourselves from material things. During this lovely month, carve out space for nourishment on a daily basis. Go back to your most basic needs, those which your body needs, and listen attentively to what else comes up. In the depths of our being lives all the wisdom, all the clarity and all the guiding light we’re looking for.

Return to you to replenish. 

The image below was made for Replenish because it shows a beautiful woman with a hint of childlike behavior. Next time you're around children notice their movements, impulses and ways of being. They're inspiring in how present they are with their needs, even when they don't understand them clearly. They cry, laugh, smile, stare, touch and explore with no purpose other than to play. Their spirit is alive and free. Through this playfulness I believe is where we find our own personal replenishment, because it's at the cross of curiosity and exploration that our spirit resides. To order this print, simply click here.

I'd be honored to have you become a collector of this special series. You can purchase directly here. I'm endlessly humbled by your support --- your kindness is what motivates me to continue creating meaningful and intimate work. Thank you!

With love,

A few other details about this series:

1. Size. Prints in this collection will be sold in various sizes. This print will be sold in both 8 x 12 and 16 x 24, making it a lovely and timeless choice for your home gallery. 

2. Quality. All prints are processed and printed at a professional-grade lab that specializes in fine art photography with a standard archival value of 100 years in home display. 

3. Shipping. In order to minimize our carbon footprint, orders will be mailed twice a month. Once your order is placed, you'll receive your fine art print within 3 weeks.

4. Variations. Please keep in mind that all computer monitors differ in resolution and tonal curves, so contrast levels might be slightly different when printing.

6. Rights. All work is copyrighted to © Tutti del Monte Photography.