Should I Bring My Own Lingerie? What Brands/ Sites Would You Suggest?

As lingerie is something extremely personal and unique to individuals' bodies, we recommend bringing your own lingerie that makes you feel VA VA VOOM. There are plenty of brands we are in love with, including La PerlaFor Love & LemonsImpish LeeCosabellaVeronika PaganEdge O'Beyond, etc. We're also huge fans of using "normal" clothing and spinning them into something fashionably sexy. What we're trying to say is you can wear anything really, and if it makes you feel sexy, it'll be sexy. 

Will You Photoshop Me?

Throughout this entire experience, you’re going to feel like a goddess. Once you see the pictures, you’re going to be amazed at just how gorgeous you are! I use Photoshop to apply color adjustment to the image as well as to soften your skin and minimize any imperfection. 

I’m Self-Conscious About My Stomach/ Arms/ Legs. Can You Get Rid Of Rolls And/Or Cellulite?

Yes! I will do my best to eliminate any imperfection, including roughness in your skin or rolls - wherever they may be! With that said – we all have them! This boudoir experience should make you realize that your beauty is irrelevant to cellulite or extra jiggle room. Allow yourself to be free of self-deprecating thoughts and power yourself with a self-love mindset.

I’m Pretty Shy. How Do You Expect Me To Strip Down In Front AND Feel Comfortable Enough To Look Sexy?! 

Ha! Here’s something I bet you didn’t think of – when it comes to stripping down in front of other women, we are ALL a little shy. We’ve been accustomed to a society where women often put other women down – but that stops here. I am your biggest fan and will make you feel comfortable by being your friend, your cheerleader. I will reassure you of how beautiful you look, how well the colors we chose accentuate your skin and how STELLAR the pictures are looking throughout the shoot. I may even let you peak at the back of my camera to see for yourself!

I Don’t Want My Pictures Displayed Online. How Do You Go About Protecting My Images?

Boudoir images are sensitive to many people. I totally understand. If you don’t want your images displayed on my website, blog, social media, etc., they will not be posted. Simple as that. This is something we go over before your shoot and will legalize it by signing a contract that stipulates it in detail. If, however, you want to be featured across my platforms (which I greatly appreciate!), I will give you a waiver to sign giving me permission to use them for promotions, advertising, etc. 


I don't know how to pose! Will that come through in the images?

First of all, don't stress yourself over this. Posing is something that only big-time models have perfected; and even they often when tons of direction during shoots! We are going to guide you through this process and make you look (and feel!) your best during the shoot. When booking your shoot, we will prepare a Pinterest board for you with inspiration, including pose ideas! The day of the shoot, the inspiration board will be up and we will tell you exactly what to do so you won't have to even give it a second thought. Your images will showcase you having a fabulous time, feeling completely comfortable in your naturally sexy state.

How should I do my hair & make-up? Who do you recommend?

We love everything-glam! During your pre-shoot consultation, we will discuss all ideas on how to do your hair + make-up so it complements your "look." We definitely recommend using professional services because it makes a HUGE difference when getting photos done. We have partnered with some of New York’s top industry professionals and would be more than happy to set up this service for you. The stylists come to the shoot location and work with us to create the exact look we planned. There are various tiers of professional services you can book, from the ultimate experience of having the stylists come to the shoot, to paying extra for Tutti to do it all and, lastly, you always have the choice of taking care of it on your own. If you’d like to set up your own hair + make-up service, we can discuss ideas during the pre-shoot consultation to make sure you’re camera-ready the day of your shoot. 

How many outfits should I bring to my shoot?

Once we start shooting and moving around, things happen pretty quickly - let's be honest, we're usually dealing with minimal clothing ;) With that said, we recommend bringing between two and four outfit options so as to have many options to choose from in your post-shoot consultation! The  more outfits you bring, the more "looks" you'll have to build customized products with!

What products to you recommend?

In the years of my experience with boudoir photography, there are a couple products that prove to be top sellers. A small album that you can discreetly stash in a nightstand table is an all-time favorite (for women AND men!). Also, for the more do-it-yourself aficionados, purchasing 4x6 or 5x7 prints to build your own book is a creative and personalized option! Personally, I wish all my clients would purchase a poster-size canvas print of their favorite sexy picture o display in their homes – but I don’t think that’s for everyone ;) With that said, I offer many products that we can discuss in order to find what best fits your needs and desires.

I’m engaged and would LOVE to give this to my future hubby as a special gift. When should I book my shoot in order to have the pictures ready before the wedding?

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS!!! You’re engaged! Bridal boudoir sessions are extra special because they celebrate the beginning of one of the most important stages of your life. I LOVE shooting bridal boudoir sessions, can you tell?? For all my clients, including those interested in a “bridal boudoir” theme, I recommend booking a session for 3 months before the desired date of product delivery. So, as soon as you’ve decided you want to go on this journey with me as your boudoir photographer, book your session! No matter how early on it is. Bridal boudoir “season” is similar to wedding “season” for photographers, so you can imagine how busy things get around wedding season! 

I’m traveling to New York City for my Bachelorette Party with my best girlfriends. Do you offer any Girl-Party options?

YES! How much fun is this? You can’t even begin to imagine. I’ll set up the scene for you: champagne/ mimosas, hair + make-up getting done, your favorite music, lights, camera, ACTION! Visit the Specials page to find out all details regarding my “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Package” (also applicable for non-bachelorette parties!).

Do You Offer Any Special Rates?

I’m constantly posting special rates to commemorate certain seasonal holidays, such as Valentine’s Day, Summertime, my birthday ☺, etc. Make sure to follow us on your favorite social media platform (Instagram, Twitter, and/ or Facebook) to stay up-to-date with all our promotions! 

Year-round, however, I always honor a Friend Referral discount. If one of your friends books a boudoir shoot with us, we will give you a 10% discount!

What payment options do you accept?

We accept VISA, Mastercard, personal checks and cash. If you’d like to set up a payment plan, let’s chat! I’d love to customize a plan for you to be able to go through this experience without breaking the bank.