LIVING SEXY IS... A State of Mind

This is a prime example of how social media has brought positivity to my life and to my career. Meeting Denka on Instagram (and immediately developing a crush on her, along with her other 1500 followers) has been a personally refreshing experience because it sparked a strong fire in my heart that immediately renewed with creative vision, motivation and drive to create and spread meaningful work. 

Lightbulb! I JUST realized this is one of my favorite things about living in New York - it's so easy to meet fellow creative types! And they're always [mostly] willing to collaborate. Enter: Denka.

Every time I get to photograph a model, I feel this sense of creative freedom because we are both lost in our own worlds - two professionals doing what each does best. After photographing Denka and feeling like my finger was on speed taking pictures, I can't believe where our interview went and what she revealed.

This stunning woman who moves and breathes with the confidence of Queen B used to go to the beach with a T-shirt on due to years and years of body shame. WHAT? It's so unbelievable to me because, a)  Denka is one of the most gorgeous women I've met, and b) she's super confident now and loves her body. What's even more incredible is that she's a professional model!

This last bit gives me hope because it means there IS light at the end of the tunnel for all those who are currently suffering from low self-esteem. Body shame, compromised self-perception and continuous hate toward yourself can bring some of the lowest points in a person's life. It's a poisonous terrain that only allows for distorted ideas to sprout. The scary part is that no person, no purchase, no quick fix can alter these deep thoughts unless YOU tap into them. 


Media told me what was sexy when I was younger - it's bullshit - it's how you feel - it's what you do to make yourself feel good. Sexiness is a state of mind.


It's time to shed light into the deep corners of your being that nurture negative thoughts about yourself and simply shine a strong-ass bulb on it. It's OK to observe and to know what's in there, as scary as it might be. We all have these feelings! But now it's time to shed an even stronger light on the other corners of your being that bring joy to your life. It's possible these pockets of happiness have been shielded from the light for years and it may be difficult to see them. But I promise they're there. You know why? Because I believe our inner being is lined with beauty, and only beauty. When I meditate and look inward, I visualize pure gold creating bubbles of love, compassion and joy and that they're bumping into each other like bumper cars that never break. I imagine a fertile ground that healthy and gorgeous plants can grow in (and survive). I think about the moments all my positive and negative feelings seeped in and nip the buds of the bad ones and fertilize the good ones. It's a work in progress. 


I'm motivated that a girl doesn't feel like I felt when I was little.


This idea of quick fixes and masking what the real reason is behind our insecurities won't help you nor will it make you feel any better in the end. There's power in taking control of your life and who you are as a person because it will ultimately free you from the poisoned roots. It will free your soul, and a free soul is a happy soul. A happy soul is a loving soul. A loving soul LOVES.

Love first, always.


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Featured: Denka

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