Behind Closed Doors || Mood Matters by Savannah Rose

Close your eyes.

The moon is lighting up the sky with a decadent twilight hue and the air is rich with sensuality and flush with the anticipation of pleasure. The satisfaction you feel is the inevitable moment that is about to arise from an evening of mutual connection and mindful chemistry. A gentle brush of your hair when it falls in front of your eyes, the warmness that fills your body with intoxication when he gently kisses your mouth at dinner, the deepest desires spilling over into the evening with each sip of red, red wine you make me feel so fine. This is the delicate dance of setting the mood. 

Image by Tutti del Monte

Image by Tutti del Monte

When I think about the importance of mood in an evening that involves two people coming together and sharing an intimacy and an orgasm, mood matters. Whether you are two lovebirds who have been screwing and keeping the bedroom bouncing for years or this is the thrill of the first date, mood matters. See, the theme of this particular prose is the importance of setting the right mood in order to get in the mood.  There, of course, are key elements to attraction that are already innately embedded in the mood of your subconscious but then there are also tangible elements to properly getting the proverbial juices flowing.  What are those elements that inhabit the fine essence of romance? Sexual chemistry can be defined by many physical manifestations. You adore the curve of her hip when she is lying on her side or the bulge of his arms when he throws you onto the bed.  But what about the more subtle mood enhancers that stroke your partner's fancy, the added touch? Here are some well-practiced and proven mood stimulators in no particular order, but if blended just right, are bound to set the stage for hours of fun. 

  • Always have a bottle of wine handy, wine is the nectar of the gods for a reason.
  • Lighting is everything; candles are that extra sexy that always puts everyone in a naughty-but-nice mood, the more the merrier. And let’s face it, who doesn’t like having sex near a hot flame; it is embedded in our psyche from back in the caveman days. 
  • Music is the tempo regulator, find your groove and feel inspired to just stand up in your living room and slow dance together, or twerk, whatever floats your boat. 
  • Deep eye contact. You think this is common sense, but seriously looking into each other’s eyes without being “creepy stalkery” is extremely stimulating and passionate. 
  • Run a bubble bath. The 3 B’s always apply to being a proper mood manager. Bubbles, Bodies, Bubbly: A perfect storm, the temperature of water, the veracious aroma bath gel to stimulate the senses, and champagne with your bodies intertwined in the bubbles is the ultimate foreplay. Also, feel free to implement said champagne, drizzle and lick it off your significant other’s special spots before taking it to the bedroom. 
  • And last but certainly not least, kiss. Kiss a lot and throw in some nibbling. Be playful, don’t rush it. Tease, tantalize, and touch. We’ve got the 3 B’s, and now we have the 3 T’s. 

The master of the mood is a vital piece of the sex puzzle, go play, and remember, mood matters.