Hello, September

Step. Away. From. Desk.

I had an entire new post written, full of beautiful pictures and inspired words. Then I published it but the post remained empty. No matter what I clicked or pressed, there was nothing. I can't begin to explain the defeated feeling I get when something like this happens, when there's a piece of my heart out there, somewhere, that was meant to be felt yet now will never be known. In an effort to move past it, here's one of the paragraphs I was somehow able to recover,

My reaction to the Summer was to go out and experience rather than sit down and analyze. I can already feel a shift happening, which led me to sit my sore ass down and think about all this. After a much-needed break from writing and sharing, I feel bountiful in ideas and inspiration. Much like how a tree's fallen leaves provide nutrients to the soil that supports its growth, the things I've let go of serve me in a similar way - and I'd love for you to see the shifts in your own life in this light.

I guess that was the only part of my post that was meant to be read. For now, it'll have to do. 

Hello, September.