New Boudoir Work at the Swanky and Cozy Boro Hotel

The past three months were loaded with lots of sexy times at Boro Hotel. I planned it so because ever since I stepped foot in the new hotel, I knew it was the perfect location for the type of feel I like to draw out of my boudoir shoots. It's stylish, cozy and has magnificent views of the city. The light that floods in during sunset is an absolute dream, which adds an extra element of life to my boudoir shoots. Can you tell how much I love shooting at Boro? If that wasn't enough, look at the pictures below. I'm so beyond in love with them and I hope you see what I mean. I'm already looking forward to my next visit to Boro. Maybe it'll be with you... (wink). Contact me if you're even the slightest bit interested in a boudoir shoot. Here are three reasons why you should, regardless:

1. I'll tell you how beautiful you are

2. Valentine's Day is coming up

3. Your birthday is coming up


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Boro Hotel
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