Living Sexy is... Owning It

Have you ever woken up, looked in the mirror and with a soft chuckle think, "Man, I look rough"? I added the "chuckle" part because it's the key element in this scenario. No matter what side of the bed you wake up on one morning, or how skinny or overweight you think you are or what your definition of attractive is, the only thing that's real is that you are you. Which means, you're all you've got. So, with a chuckle, it's time to own it!

Sexiness is a way of living. It's a blend of elements, a concoction of spices, unique to every person, that creates an individual's natural sexiness. From how you choose to dress to the speed in which you make eye contact with a stranger, it's all part of the formula that makes YOU sexy. 

A couple months ago I wrote a piece for The Refined Woman about my view on beauty, and I summarized it in three words: Beauty is... Embracing Your Light. 

Similarly, living sexy means owning it: fully embracing what you have and don't have, loving your body and being proud of it, building yourself up with self-love and sharing your light with the world. 

Letting Yourself Shine


Owning your sexiness means tapping into the part of you that's so pure and natural that it seems silly not to show it off to the world. 

Boudoir photography has allowed me to "demand" a level of intimate expression in women that few admit being natural to them. No matter how many shoots I do, every time a woman says -"This woman is so sexy and beautiful..... Is that really me???" - I'm always in shock.

How can it be that we've shunned ourselves from what's 100% natural within us? Isn't expressing ourselves in a sexy way, our ability to LOVE - others and ourselves - what separates us from the animal kingdom? Woah that was a random turn. But seriously, as humans who are able to connect, to love, to express ourselves THROUGH love, aren't we supposed to own the fact that we're also able to connect through intimacy, thus allowing for our natural sexiness to guide our ways of being? I think so. 

I propose we commit to not being ashamed or embarrassed to say, "I'm sexy and I know it, " (thanks for making that corny, Pitbull).


Own how you walk. 

Own how you look in those jeans.

Own the way your smile lights up the room.

Own it when you stumble in front of your crush.

Own it when you've gained a couple pounds.

Own how you look in the morning. 

Own it when you turn someone's head. 

Own it when no one seems to notice. 

At all times, OWN YOUR SEXY. It's yours for the taking.


Phew. Thanks for sticking that one out. Now, for the REALLY EXCITING part. This is the official kick-off for the new "Living Sexy Is..." column in my blog. I will be reaching out to many sexy people, some who I've met but most who I simply hope to meet, to share with us what their special blend of living sexy includes -  both women AND men. So if you know anyone who might be interested in being featured on the blog, send them a link to this blog and tell her/him to reach out at 

My passion is connecting with people, so I want to hear from you!

Stay tuned for interviews, pictures and videos of many, many sexy people who are OWNING IT. 

Stay sexy, beautiful friends. 





Photo c/o Kat Harris