LIVING SEXY IS... Grace and Freedom

In order to begin this post in the most meaningful way, I decided to look up the meaning of the name Francesca. After visiting a handful of unhelpful sites that basically summed up the name in three words, "woman from France," (geeee, thanks!), I decided to click on the third link in my Google Search. You see, I have this thing that I don't usually click on the first few sites that appears on the search list because I want to give the underdogs a break by helping to pump up their SEO (go team go!). All tech-talk joking aside, I'm so glad I clicked, because it gave me the only fun meaning to the name Francesca: the free one.

Francesca is a simple woman to describe, not because she's "basic," but because she's natural. She's grounded in who she is, while being able to have a spirit that seems to almost float beside you. Her beauty is one that captures people's attention in a double-look kind of way. Her easygoing  and go-with-the-flow demeanor is juxtaposed by a fiery side that'll push you to dance till 6am.

She's the type of woman who makes cooking a 4-course meal look effortless.

She's the type of woman who's just as comfortable wearing a skin-tight red dress as she is rocking a bohemian look. 

She's the type of woman who brings you sunflowers when she goes to the market.

She's the type of woman who's home you walk into and you immediately feel a sense of calm. 

She's the type of woman who isn't afraid to smile as a stranger compliments her.

Francesca goes through life with an unspoken grace about her that leaves a trail of femininity, light and freedom. 


"I don't feel connected with the world if I'm not connected with myself."


She mentions her mother a lot, crediting her as the source of inspiration behind going through life with grace and intention. Throughout her life, her parents played a strong role in encouraging her to ask deeper questions within herself, to get to know herself as a woman and to not be afraid of observing prior to acting. This mindful way of living has shaped Francesca into a woman who's totally OK when something's off. 


"I have the same battles all women go through... You have to feel the downs to feel the ups, and the ups are the moment you're set free."


This idea of freedom came up toward the end of our interview (way before that web site listed her name as "the free one"!), and I'm so happy Francesca mentioned it, because it's the perfect way to complete a proper description of who she is: she's GRACEFUL and she's FREE.

(cue: Miss Congeniality pageant song, "she's beauty and she's grace, she's Miss United States, blah blah blah)


"Freedom is a thing that I also live by: always having an open heart and an open free spirit." 


In its most basic sense, Francesca says that at its core, grace stems from love and it can be expressed through the body, through different ways of being, ways of existing, etc.


"Anywhere from career to work to love to sex to anything, I think carrying a life with grace is the sexiest thing a woman can really carry with her."


So, friends, here's to a life of grace, of freedom and of tons of sexiness.

Until next week!

Here's a sneak peak behind-the-scenes!