LIVING SEXY IS... Being The Best Version of Yourself

I’m beginning to realize I have many girl crushes. What it boils down to is my desire to make people happy and show them how beautiful and special they are. When I meet people, women mostly, who embody beauty, confidence and grace, I immediately start thinking of what style of photo shoot I’d do with her, where we’d go, what questions I’d ask during the interview - all in hopes of capturing her essence.

Almost two years ago, when I met Jessica Morelli, I knew she was a special gal. Not only does she have a pristine spirit and delicate beauty, she’s also incredibly passionate about things that are dear to my heart - natural skincare, essential oils, using nature and its gifts to self-heal, etc. So of course, we bonded over oils, shared entrepreneurial stories, talked about trying to live a serene and balanced life in New York City, discussed boyfriends, part-time jobs, full-time jobs, pottery classes, knitting workshops, and just like that, on a muggy Brooklyn day, we fell in love. HA! Just kidding - but I’m glad you’re paying attention. 

Jessica, founder of Palermo Body, is a true girl’s girl in a just-girlie-enough way. She’s wickedly smart about more topics I can even remember and is quick to lend a helping hand. In a nutshell, she’s a gem. Aside from her skincare line (which you must check out), what intrigues me most about Jessica is her deep desire to educate people on the simplicity of self-love through skincare, because that’s really what beauty / skin products are for - to take time for yourself and feel great.

As a person and as a brand, her goal is to make people feel special, to aspire to be the best versions of themselves. In fact, when I asked her how this Living Sexy Is feature ties in to her vision for the world, her answer was quite simple.


If we can hone in on feeling beautiful on the inside, that is what will exude on the outside. It will be natural for it to just pour out of you. That's how I want people to use my products.


Me: So you’re saying I should pamper myself with yummy products, take time for myself, feel beautiful on the inside and then that innate beauty will just pour out of me?

Jessica: Yes.

Me (nodding vigorously): I’m down with that.

Who’s with me? Actually. First of all, does everyone agree - at least in theory - that we all have beauty within us that’s just waiting to be discovered/ acknowledged so that it may pour out of us?

I certainly and adamantly agree.

So then why, as a society, do we struggle with this concept? Why are there so many more cases of self-doubt that lead to terrible, life-long struggles than there are cases of self-love?

In my interview with Jessica, she mentioned how there’s a shift happening, and you may be aware of it already without really knowing it. But take some time to notice different advertisements around you. Chances are there are elements - namely, models - that wouldn’t have been used, say, five years ago. It’s true! There’s definitely a movement toward a more “real” representation of women and, more importantly, a movement toward understanding ourselves as women and supporting one another. It’s a marvelous trend that I hope continues to unfold for years to come and, truthfully, it’s the main goal of this column, Living Sexy Is.

Circling back to the many different negative outcomes that may sprout from self-doubt, self-hate and self-judgement, I now want to emphasize the outcomes that may flourish from the opposite mindset - self-care, self-love, and self-acceptance. Can you picture a world where communities nurture communal uplifting rather than individualist competition? You can break that down into many mini-realms: between women, between men and women, between religions, between cultures, between countries, etc. You get the idea. It’s a powerful thought to consider, and one that I hope you do, because we’re all unconsciously (or consciously for some of us) planting seeds for our communities that WILL trickle down for generations.

Jessica and her simple mission to make people feel great has so much more meaning than the plain surface of the statement. She’s created a brand that allows men and women to take time for themselves, to connect with the earth and to feel wonderful. It’s no wonder she’s doing so well because everything she does is done with devotion and great care. It’s because of all this and because of her ability to make ME feel special that she’s this week’s feature.

I couldn’t be more excited to share this beautiful woman with you and if you have a chance, visit her web site to learn more about her handcrafted products. They're luxurious and amazing.

With love,



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