Tricks to Staying Sexy While Sweaty

While teaching yoga class this morning, I guided my students through a couple cycles of Sun Salutations to warm up their bodies in preparation for practice. As soon as I said "warm up," though, I realized I was already sweating, just from walking TWO BLOCKS from my place to the studio.



If you're anything like me, you sweat just by saying the word "sweat," so I decided to kindly put a list together on how to cope with this summertime sweatiness - in a sexy way.

1. Water mist: I rather be wet from fresh water coming out of a delicate mister than from my pores continuously releasing beads of sweat. I carry Avene's with me at all times during the day - it's especially helpful when standing on the subway platform waiting for the next train. HOTTEST MINUTES OF MY DAY.

2. Hand-held fan: they're highly portable and highly chic. It's one of my favorite feminine elements during the hotter months. All mine are from different European cities, but here's an inexpensive option and another that's adorable but on the pricey side. 


3.  Sweating on purpose: if you're going to sweat, might as well do it right and get a workout in! My friend Kat and I are masters of ignoring the world around us as we flow through yoga sequences at the park - or just about anywhere. Plus, it's a win-win for everyone - you get to be comfy in yoga pants AND everyone around you will appreciate that you're IN yoga pants.

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4. Put that hair up, girl! Have you ever a little hot and then all of a sudden it feels like someone left a massive oven door open to the WORLD? In these instances, all I can do is avoid as much contact with ANYTHING and EVERYTHING as possible, including where my hair touches my upper back. Here are some hairdos (created by my friend Anna-Alexia Basile!) that do the trick while making it seem like you're not burning up and wishing a huge bucket of ice water magically fell from the sky.

5. Skirts (and baby powder): yet another win-win. Skirts and dresses are some of the most feminine outfit options you have in the summer. They allow you to stay fresh +cool up there  all while showing off your beautiful legs. I mention the baby powder because I happen to NOT have a #ThighGap, so the best remedy to avoid chaffing is a little baby powder. Works like a charm. Lastly, the other benefit of wearing skirts and dresses is you don't have to risk ripping your pants while doing yoga on the street - yes, I tend to strike a yoga pose just about anywhere. Below you'll see the very exact moment I ripped my pants in Argentina. You're welcome.


I have tons more summer secrets to keep me semi-sane, but I didn't want to make this THE LONGEST POST EVER. Please share some of YOUR summer secrets because I'm all ears! 

Stay sexy, my loves.