If You Could Go Anywhere, Where Would You Go?

It's become a tradition (if two years in a row counts as a tradition) that I opt to travel during Thanksgiving instead of doing the whole stuffing-my-face-with-family thing. Last year, I was lucky enough to go on a 10-day roadtrip through Northern California + the Southwest the week of Thanksgiving. It was beyond magical and I'm already yearning for more of that terrain. This year, however, I had Europe on my mind. Living in New York and having a pretty flexible schedule allows for a fresh batch of spontaneity to infuse my destinations options. Between 2009 and now, I've visited 15 countries in the EU, but I had yet to venture to the westernmost one: Portugal! I'm just now realizing the repeated theme of "traveling west" that both trips have in common, despite actually traveling east to make this one happen. ANYWAY, you may have seen a couple photos I posted on social media of my trip, but in case you didn't, here are some more.

I've written a more detailed post about the lifestyle, feel and overall experience of my trip to Lisbon over at With Love Tutti, which is where I post all the other things I'm passionate about beside boudoir: travel, wellness, yoga, beauty tips and community events! I'd love to have you subscribe to that blog as well so we can be connected in more ways.

Before I leave you, I'd love to ask for your advice. I'm about done clipping inspiration pieces for my 2017 vision board, and there's a lot of travel going on. What I'd  like to know though is: what is YOUR favorite place and why? I'm much more of an experience type of traveler rather than a sightseeing one, for the most part, so I'd love your anecdotes and insight!

Looking forward to sharing my vision board with you very soon.

Lots of love,