Why I'm Posting Boudoir Pictures of Myself

You may have noticed an increased amount of boudoir photos of myself as of late.

Recently, I began thinking about my dreams, as in, what I’d want to achieve if time, money & basic work limitations weren’t an issue. The answer came so easily that it surprised me a bit. To put it simply, I want to make people feel good. More specifically, I feel a strong affinity to women, the struggles we go through to “look perfect” and all the crap we do to feel better about ourselves.


The reality is I’m sick of all the bullshit. I’ve been sick of it for quite a while, which is why I became the person who I am, who’s constantly telling the people around me how beautiful they are and how much value they bring to the world. My vision for the world is peace, acceptance, love, unity and a community-centered mindset. I want to live in a world where all people, especially women, learn to love themselves and dispel any false idea that tells them they’re anything but perfect. People who allow their actions to come from a place of love SPREAD love. 

What does any of this have to do with me posing in boudoir pictures? Everything. I decided to not just talk the talk, so I’m walking the walk by doing exactly what it is that I sell: beauty and empowerment through boudoir photography. Sure, getting all dolled up and having my picture taken is a lot of fun, but the deeper meaning behind it is: I’m not perfect but I love myself. Boudoir photography is not only about looking sexy, it’s about letting your light shine and embracing your femininity.

I was talking to a friend about why some of my pictures get more likes than others (a very important conversation, I know) and, like an epiphany, it hit me: people connect to me mostly when I post content that’s vulnerable. I’m not a model nor am I used to being on the other side of the camera, so I feel tremendously vulnerable during boudoir shoots. What if you can see my back fat? What if that angle exposes my double chin? What if blah blah blah blah. Who gives a shit.

Do I go through weeks when I don’t work out? Yes. Do I sometimes binge-eat Nutella straight out of a jar? Doesn’t everyone? Am I eating an exquisite pumpkin scone as I write this? Perhaps. The point is I don’t let a scale or fashion advertisement define what I should measure up to. Nor should you. Side note: women in fashion advertisements are certainly beautiful, gorgeous even, but that’s THEM. I’m me, you’re you, and we can all be beautiful in what sets us apart.

My dream is for love to be what connects people.

Through boudoir photography, I hope to spread the message of love, acceptance and unity… one sexy lingerie piece at a time!

Love always,


A huge thank you to Katherine for supporting me in my vision and taking this picture of me.

Bra: Josie Natori Style 847144 in Purple
Underwear: Victoria's Secret The Lacie