From My Aura To Yours | Happy New Year!

Sometimes a mirror just doesn't cut it for us to truly see ourselves. Despite the clear reflection staring back at us, we may or may not have a jaded view of ourselves due to society, insecurities, ignorance, reluctancy, etc. There's a gap, then, between what we see and what is

I experience this time and time again, when women look at their pictures and mention something that needs to be changed that I would've never noticed, or when a friend comes to me feeling a rainbow of negative emotions that so clearly have a simple solution in my eyes. The reality is that there are so many external factors that get in the way of us really seeing ourselves but sometimes a third-party is able to shorten the gap between the differing perceptions. 

Anything that brings light to why we think the way we do or why we act the way we do is always fun and, as humans, we long to know the why of things. So in the spirit of finding out "stuff," I booked a slot to get my aura photo taken. Radiant Human is led by Christina Lonsdale and has been growing immensely the past few years because of the gorgeous portraits and colors the picture produces but also, in my opinion, because people love knowing more about themselves. 

The experience was very cool and I highly recommend it to everyone! I don't want to give away too many details of the actual process in case you get to participate with Radiant Human, but all in all, I'm so pleased with my aura photo! 

Aura photo by Christina Lonsdale of Radiant Human

Aura photo by Christina Lonsdale of Radiant Human

After your polaroid-size photo is ready, Christina goes through what all the colors mean and how they may manifest in you and your life. Like I said, I'm so interested in knowing the why of things, especially things like behavioral patterns, so this was as reaffirming as the most on-point zodiac horoscope could ever be. 

The gist of these colors is that some have to do with your internal, some with how you present yourself to the world, others have to do with your conscious, and mixed together, they show a colorful painting that make up who you are. The colors and high-quality portrait alone are enough to make this popular, add to that an element of self-awareness and I'm not surprised Radiant Human is doing so well.

As 2016 approaches, I'm writing this post in the hopes of inspiring you to assess who you are and who you show up to the world as. Are they aligned? Would you like to be less of something and more of something else? What are you waiting for? There's so much energy inside us that's meant to be intentionally shared with the world because, guess what, it already is!

Today and everyday we get opportunities to observe, notice and move. It's up to you what direction you want to move in and it's up to you when you start.

HAPPY NEW YEAR, my friends! Sending you all lots of love and positive energy for 2016!

In love + color + light,



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