Let Your Passion Reign

Through the years of photographing many different types of people, I've always asked myself, "What's my favorite part about this process?" The answer, regardless of whether I'm shooting a boudoir session, a full-day wedding or a fashion portfolio, is always the same, "I love making people feel good about themselves." It's taken me a few years to realize this statement is my true north star, the shining light that reveals where the passion in my work truly lies.


With this in mind, I recently decided to put all my effort and vision into growing the boudoir-photography side of my business. Not to discount the other types of photography I offer, but I leave every single boudoir shoot with a sense of accomplishment and purpose that can't be ignored.

I don't want to reveal too much about what's to come in the next few weeks/ months, but here's one of my favorite images from my first self-boudoir shoot. You're probably wondering why I'm the one in the picture, but it's all part of the plan, not to worry.

Can't wait to share more. In the meantime, enjoy and remember to let your own passion reign.

With love,


Thank you to Katherine Harris for this picture!