South African Does Boudoir

It doesn't really get much sexier than this.


I had the pleasure of photographing this gorgeous woman, a South African goddess named Candice. Through her eyes, expressions and movement, she exudes sexiness (you'll see what I'm talking about below). We opted for a sunrise shoot in order to use the marvelous golden light this planet provides for us. I couldn't wait to capture the contrasting look Candice brings to the table: sultry green eyes, the blackest black hair, skin like butter, curves in all the right places and the confidence to rock it all.


In all my boudoir shoots, my goal and promise is to make women feel: comfortable, sexy and beautiful. As I look back at these images and remember the wonderful dynamic Candice and I shared the day of her boudoir shoot, I'm so excited to showcase how much can be done when you let go of your inhibitions, take a step outside your comfort zone and embrace your womanhood.


These are some of my favorite boudoir pictures... ever. Thank you, Candice, for giving me the privilege of capturing your raw beauty!

With love,