Wellness Starts Within



I found myself admitting last night how badly I need a break. Time has a way of getting away from the grip of my hands as swiftly as the ticking of a clock. Before I knew it, it was time to switch my closet wardrobe to account for the changing of the weather and it felt as if I barely had time to enjoy the Summer. WHERE DID THE TIME GO?!

It seems so easy to allow each day to pass with very little awareness of what's happening. The comings-and-goings of life seem almost natural, when the only natural thing should be to be cognizant of every second that passes. 

As I was listening to a podcast this morning, an interesting idea flourished: instead of feeling bad about the things I haven't done that were meant to be done by now, I can wipe the slate clean by forgiving myself and trying again.  Simple as that. 


Forgive and move on.


With the many tasks I have set for myself and the numerous self-assigned to-do's, today was a refreshing day in which I consciously forgave myself for x,y and z and sketched out how I would tackle the next coming months in an intelligent way that will plant fruitful seeds for my business.

That's where the travel and adventure topic comes in. There's nothing more renewing to my creative inspiration and motivation than traveling. I find the random experiences and encounters truly refreshing (and ironically, not random at all). I've planned a bucket-list roadtrip for the week of Thanksgiving starting in Los Angeles and ending in Tucson - hitting up places I've always dreamed of visiting - Big Sur, Sequoia National Park, Death Valley, Grand Canyon and Sedona. I've made it my goal to let go of "work" while I'm on the road and instead be open to on-the-spot inspiration in the form of imagery, writing, dancing, experiencing, feeling, sharing, yoga-ing, moving, etc. 


Self care is not self indulgence

Self care is self-respect.


This is exactly what my body and soul is asking for: connecting with nature and connecting with others. 

I can't wait to share my 10-day journey with you.

What's on your bucket list and what can you do today to work toward it? Please share. I'd love to start a conversation about this!

With love,




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