Wedding Season: Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

Photo by Tutti del Monte

Photo by Tutti del Monte

Wedding season seems to be year-round rather than seasonal now or is it just me? With bridal showers sprinkled through the year, I decided to gift YOU some ideas to gift your friend the bride!

  1. Rose quartz crystal - commemorate all the love with one of these delicate and stunning crystals. Their healing properties are sure to magnify this special time in her life. I'd pair it with a smudging set of either palo santo or sage to "clear the energy" of her place. This is a great gift because she can display it pretty much anywhere in her home and it immediately evokes femininity and love!

  2. Cookbook - You know your friend best, so you'll likely be familiar with her cooking style and eating habits. There are TONS of cookbooks out there, so take some time thinking of what types of foods she'll want to spend time cooking and then start searching! I personally know Robyn Youkilis and her recipes are always yummy, so here's her latest book and this other one I really love too.

  3. Cheese knives set! It's something fancy that I wouldn't personally buy for myself but it's so nice to have for those wine-and-cheese get togethers. I like these wooden ones and these design ones.

  4. A new passport cover - you know her style well, so why not get her a gorgeous and durable passport cover? You can also monogram just about any case nowadays, if that's your/her thing. A quick search on Etsy led me to these cute options: leather, mandala artwork and some other designs!

  5. Cleaning supplies set - It may sound odd, but everyone needs them! And there are some really pretty and yummy-smelling products out there. My favorites are any by Meyer's brand.

  6. Weighed blanket - it reduces anxiety and allows for more restful sleep!

  7. Sauna in a box - a mini spa from the comfort of her home. The benefits of sauna use include reduced stress, flushing of toxins, improved circulation, soothed muscles and joints and deeper sleep.

  8. Soaking salts and body oil- again with the relaxation, but everyone needs a bit of R&R when it comes to weddings. My favorite is this Jasmine Himalayan salt product. And after the bath, when the skin is in extra need of hydration, a proper body oil is just what the doctor ordered. My favorite body oil is this Geranium + Ylang Ylang one by Palermo Skincare.

  9. Wine subscription - there are so many monthly wine subscription services around, and what's so nice about them is that they keep the party going! Here are some options: Winc, Glassful and Cellars Wine Club.

  10. Boudoir photo shoot - last but most definitely not least, why not gift your girl the gift of self-love? I firmly believe that all women should feel empowered and sexy. A boudoir session does just that - it creates space for women to get in touch with their innate beauty and tap into what it means to feel powerful and beautiful. A boudoir photo shoot is a perfect gift from her bestie or even if her close group of friends buy her a gift together! Get in touch with me so we can discuss options😉

There you have it! It's by no means a comprehensive list, but I think it'll at least get your juices flowing with ideas. Have you given a stellar wedding gift in the past that I should include in this list? Other women would surely love to know about it!

Sending love and the spirit of giving this wedding season!