LIVING SEXY IS... Finding Your Voice

There’s no lack of beauty surrounding these two powerhouse goddesses. They’re a spoonful of sugar and spice with a mellow finish. Meet Krissy + Chloe, co-founders of one of New York City’s most serene and diverse yoga studios - Sky Ting Yoga, located in the heart of China Town amidst exotic fruit stands and pungent fish shops. They’re the real deal not only in the yoga world, but in the world in general. 

Chloe Kernaghan and Krissy Jones of Sky Ting Yoga

Chloe Kernaghan and Krissy Jones of Sky Ting Yoga

The Living Sexy Questionnaire! 

I’ve been wanting to feature them on this “Living Sexy” column for a long time because I want you to get to know two women who exemplify living with grace, humility, self-respect and curiosity. Following their journey on social media as they hop from island to island and fly from coast to coast, it’s easy to believe they live a perfectly beautiful life. And to a certain extent they do. What I love about Krissy and Chloe though is that they’re just in it like the rest of us. They’re blessed, successful and popular, but what sets them apart is the quick way in which they’re able to bring their feet back to the ground rather than continue floating upward in an air balloon (which admittedly sounds like a lot of fun). They keep each other in check and keep things real.

From the time I met them while getting my Yoga teaching certification to the moment I sat down with them at their bright and serene studio and chatted about this, I’ve loved Chloe and Krissy because their way of being is super disarming - in the best way possible. They’re both quirky, cute, gorgeous, funny and ridiculously smart, and they allow you to be yourself.

When I asked Krissy about advice she’d give her younger self, she first said "to be yourself,” but as she kept rolling with it, she added a valuable nugget of wisdom that so many of us forget often. 




Have you ever taken a moment to think about what your strengths are? We all tend to focus on our weaknesses and often obsess over how to overcome them, but there is so much more power and wiggle room when you prioritize what’s already within you! I remember reading about this in Tom Rath’s StrengthsFinder book.  It says, “all too often, our natural talents go untapped. From the cradle to the cubicle, we devote more time to fixing our shortcomings than to developing our strengths."
Chloe Kernaghan

Chloe Kernaghan

Krissy Jones

Krissy Jones

I’m definitely guilty of it, and it certainly takes a rewiring of the brain to start focusing on my innate abilities rather than my innate weaknesses, but it’s simple math really: “do what you’re good at = find success; focus on what you’re not good at = struggle with success.” 

For Krissy and Chloe, their talent for expression, teaching, inspiring and building a community is evident with the reputable brand they’ve managed to build with impressive speed. From concept to creation, Sky Ting Yoga is a tangible example of how two individuals are able to hone in on what they’re meant to do and DO IT. I’m just so incredible happy for them.

Of course, their continued success and countless blessings don’t discount the hard work and efforts they’ve made along the way, but their gut instincts have kicked in at the right moments. Chloe admits self-trust is something she’s had to work on (and if you’ve ever tried yoga, you know trust is one of those concepts that trickles in at any given moment through the practice as well, not just life!). Here’s Chloe’s pearl of wisdom that she continues to affirm herself with,


For me, allowing trust to come through, trusting the impulse, trusting the life choices that were already decided for me, and going with them as opposed to being afraid.


I can’t speak highly enough of these two women. They’re incredibly passionate about yoga, their studio, their students, their minds, their practices and their communities. If you’re in the New York area (or would like to travel on one of their exotic retreats) I urge you to look them up and give them a try. Their realness will strike you, in the best possible way.

With so much gratitude in my heart for being so generous with your time and knowledge, Krissy and Chloe - THANK YOU. You’re both a blessing to the world and an inspiration for dreamers!

Continue spreading your light.

With love,



As always, here's a fun video of our shoot! 

YOGA FOR EVERYONE | A Special Flow by Tutti + Kat for Darling Magazine

Happy Weekend, friends!


It's truly a blessing that I often get to combine my biggest passions - yoga and photography - and call it work. Yoga is a way to turn the lens around and take a look at what's going on inside, and no matter who you are or where you are in your practice, yoga is available.  

So when Darling Magazine wanted to offer its readers an accessible and short yoga flow that helped de-stress in a chaotic city like New York, we knew we were the gals for the job. When I say we, I'm referring to my best friend Katherine, from The Refined Woman. We're coming up on a year of knowing each other, but time has nothing to do with our love story. Kat and I come from very different backgrounds, but have somehow become women on a similar path - a path of self-awareness and constant dream chasing! 

You'll often find us at any given park, with music & yoga pants on and breath moving up and down in unison. Regardless of the day's event, we come together and wipe our slates clean by one simple move: breathing.

I invite you to try this basic 15-minute yoga flow, prepared by Kat and myself, and experience what your body goes through. It's a perfect way to either start or end your day! 

I hope you give it a try and let us know what you think.

Namaste, loves.

With love always,



Y O G A  F O R  E V E R Y O N E  B Y  T U T T I  +  K A T 


First, find child’s pose. Sit back on your heels, rest forehead on the ground. Relax your entire body, and start connecting with your breath.

Next, find a neutral spine on all fours. Begin moving with your breath. Inhale into cow pose, exhale to cat poseRepeat five times. (This simple movement warms up your spine, wrists and hips.)

From here, curl your toes under and press into downward facing dog. Make sure you press into your index finger and thumb to avoid dumping weight onto the outside of your wrist.

Cycle through five breaths in downward facing dog. Slowly walk to your hands. Bend knees as much as you need. Arrive intorag doll position. Hold onto opposite elbows, and if it feels good sway side to side.

Now, onto through Sun Salutations A + B.



From rag doll, slowly roll all the way up, stacking one vertebrae over the next until you arrive and EXHALE in mountain pose.
INHALE, lift arms up, and gaze to your hands.
EXHALE, fold forward, release your neck.
INHALE, lift your torso halfway, gaze forward and widen your collarbone.
EXHALE, plant hands, step / hop back to chaturanga dandasana (if you can do a push up, you can do this!)
Bend elbows to 90 degrees and shift forward to upward facing dog as you INHALE.
EXHALE, downward facing dog.
Stay for five breaths.
Look forward, walk or jump to the top of your mat, INHALE, halfway lift.
EXHALE, fold forward.
INHALE, come to stand, raise your arms and look up.
EXHALE, mountain pose, arms by your side.



Make your way from downward facing dog to forward fold.

INHALE, chair pose, sit hips back and raise arms alongside your ears.
EXHALE, drop hands to the mat and straighten legs.
INHALE, halfway lift.
EXHALE, plant hands and step/jump back chaturanga dandasana.
INHALE, upward facing dog.
EXHALE, tuck toes, downward facing dog.
INHALE, raise right leg. Keep toes pointed toward the mat.
EXHALE, plant right foot in between hands, spin back heel down to 45 degrees (toes facing the top left corner of your mat).
INHALE, come to stand with arms alongside ears for warrior I (you’re doing it!).
EXHALE, plant hands to frame foot. Step back to plank, then lower halfway.
INHALE, upward facing dog
EXHALE, downward facing dog.

Repeat on left side.

Once you’ve completed the left side, breathe in downward facing dog.
Look forward, walk or jump to the top of your mat, INHALE, halfway lift.
EXHALE, fold forward.
INHALE, chair pose.
EXHALE, mountain pose.

Repeat complete cycle three times.

*Options for Sun Salutation B:

First Cycle: Add a lunge twist after warrior I, left hand down, pick up back heel, and twist toward raised right arm.

Second Cycle: Humble warrior I after warrior I, interlace hands behind back, bring torso inside bent leg and stretch shoulders. THEN release left hand down for lunge twist.

Third Cycle: Repeat above steps and add a side plank after lunge twist.

Finally, rest in child’s pose for five breaths.


Come to all fours and neutral spine, INHALE, right arm up.

EXHALE, thread it under left arm. Rest on right shoulder. Stay for five breaths.
INHALE, press up to untwist and gaze up.
EXHALE, neutral spine.

Repeat on left side.

We’ll end with breath practice. Find a comfortable seat, close your eyes, and breathe.

INHALE for counts of four.
EXHALE for counts of seven.

Stay for three to five minutes, then slowly open your eyes, and smile.

Namaste, loves!



Photos Via: Sara Kerens

Yoga Bestie: Katherine Harris from The Refined Woman

Yoga T-Shirts: Spiritual Gangster

Yoga Mat: Jade Yoga