If You Could Go Anywhere, Where Would You Go?

It's become a tradition (if two years in a row counts as a tradition) that I opt to travel during Thanksgiving instead of doing the whole stuffing-my-face-with-family thing. Last year, I was lucky enough to go on a 10-day roadtrip through Northern California + the Southwest the week of Thanksgiving. It was beyond magical and I'm already yearning for more of that terrain. This year, however, I had Europe on my mind. Living in New York and having a pretty flexible schedule allows for a fresh batch of spontaneity to infuse my destinations options. Between 2009 and now, I've visited 15 countries in the EU, but I had yet to venture to the westernmost one: Portugal! I'm just now realizing the repeated theme of "traveling west" that both trips have in common, despite actually traveling east to make this one happen. ANYWAY, you may have seen a couple photos I posted on social media of my trip, but in case you didn't, here are some more.

I've written a more detailed post about the lifestyle, feel and overall experience of my trip to Lisbon over at With Love Tutti, which is where I post all the other things I'm passionate about beside boudoir: travel, wellness, yoga, beauty tips and community events! I'd love to have you subscribe to that blog as well so we can be connected in more ways.

Before I leave you, I'd love to ask for your advice. I'm about done clipping inspiration pieces for my 2017 vision board, and there's a lot of travel going on. What I'd  like to know though is: what is YOUR favorite place and why? I'm much more of an experience type of traveler rather than a sightseeing one, for the most part, so I'd love your anecdotes and insight!

Looking forward to sharing my vision board with you very soon.

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COMING UP // Florida Goodies - Boudoir + Yoga


I'm beyond ecstatic to visit Florida during my birthday (mid-May) for some much needed fun in the sun but also to connect with you! Being that Sarasota is the place Boudoir by Tutti sprouted from, I'm extra joyful that I get to share these goodies with you :)


I'll be opening up my calendar for a limited amount of boudoir shoots so even if you think this isn't for you, reach out to me and let's chat about it. I guarantee you're not the only woman who's felt a bit unsure about this process. But I'm here for you and would LOVE to be the one who shows you how beautiful you are.

If you have any girlfriends who'd be interested in boudoir photography, this is the time to share the love. The more we build each other up, the more love we have to give to our families and communities. So let's get lovin'.

BONUS: As many of you know, my other passion is yoga and I'll be teaching a few classes and workshops during my visit. Class types will be dependent on the studio hosting and the workshop will be all about Igniting the Goddess Within. So there are many options for us to meet, hug and connect!

I hope you can feel my excitement because it's kicking in stronger than my morning coffee. Make sure to Subscribe to the blog (right sidebar) to stay updated on all these goodies - boudoir availability and yoga schedule! 

Looking forward to seeing all you sunkissed beauties. 

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Sneak Peek of this Week's Feature // Jessica Morelli

Here's the behind-the-scenes video for this week's Living Sexy feature! This gal is a true beauty, inside and out, and I'm ecstatic to showcase her on the blog in a couple of days.

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