LIVING SEXY IS... Embodying The Beauty We All Have

I've never had to pause my audio recordings as much as I did while transcribing this interview. The entire 8 minutes of it is jam-packed with powerful, sincere and gifted prose by a spirited woman who’s known by many as a performer. To say that Chelsey Korus is talented is a bit of an understatement. She can do things few women can do and marvels crowds with the strength and grace she brings to her performances. When I attended the Wanderlust Yoga Festival in Stratton, Vermont last summer and watched Chelsey perform with her acro yoga partner, I stood in complete awe. I was utterly moved by her entire way of being, and it was then that I knew I had to meet her. A year and many Instagram likes later, we arranged to meet and collaborate. 

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LIVING SEXY IS... Being Yourself

When you hear people talk about people who light up a room when they walk in, they're referring to people like Kat Schamens. Not just "people like" but simply Kat Schamens. Dressed in sparkly, colorful clothing, Kat is utterly unafraid of what people might think. She is herself, through and through, and such truth and freedom shines upon everyone who lays eyes on her.

It was so easy to visit her where she teaches aerial yoga and produce this shoot because she's always on board for playfulness, fun and genuine connections. And speaking of genuine connections, she gave class to JAKE GYLLENGHAL! Listen to the interview to hear all about it! He might be the sexiest man in Hollywood right now, so the fact that I now have one degree of separation to him makes me a bit more giddy than my boyfriend would like to accept.

Back to Sparkles, as many call her. While putting together a new special project for mothers and daughters that I'll soon be offering, I started thinking of how important relationships between girl friends are at an early age. Think about it. Who were you friends with while growing up? What are your memories like with those gal pals? Whether good or bad, they're certainly impactful and meaningful. During my interview with Kat, we touched a bit on what she was like growing up, and I couldn't help but wonder if we'd be friends. Knowing what I now know and realizing the importance of positive role models and uplifters in life, I'm 100% confident that Kat is the type of girl that every girl needs to know.

Just by being around her, she allows me to feel loved, to be myself, to be silly, to be confident, to be real, to feel worthy and to feel special. And I know I'm not the only one who feels this way, because I've heard the coldest of people express how much they love her. It's so ironic - and yet maybe not at all - that she created a line of glittery yoga apparel called "Katasana Apparel" that encourages people to "stay true to their inner sparkly self." It's ironic because that's what she demands of people regardless of what she's wearing, simply with her presence.

Whether you live in New York or not, where fashion choices have no guidelines, take this as a formal invitation to find your sparkly self - and then stay true to it. Again, living sexy and living with your truth have nothing to do with what you wear, it's 100% how you carry yourself, so be true to YOU, because, as Kat says, that's really the only thing we're meant to do on this earth. 

If you or a friend might be interested in going through this beautiful journey of shooting with me and creating photos and a video together, subscribe to the blog and get in touch with me!!! There are many, many new projects that I can't wait to share with you, and I'm reaching out to all my sweet subscribers first to go through this experience together :) I honestly can't wait to tell you all about it and connect with many more people through these upcoming ventures.

Until then, stay beautiful, my friends, and don't be afraid to shine bright.

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Styling: Katasana Apparel

Location: Om Factory NYC

Video Music: A Common Goal, Pacific Horrific

Super High | The Feeling

Bliss. That's what it feels like to me. 

Regardless of what you think I'm talking about, you know exactly what I'm talking about. Searching for, discovering it and getting high off it creates a deep indentation in your being that remembers, "Man, that feels good. I want to feel that again."

Yoga, that's what I'M talking about. 

Finding our passion, our bliss, our high is one of the most sacred journeys we can take in this life. Whether it's yoga, or surfing, or painting, or writing, or reading, or math, or astronomy, or connecting, it's YOUR personal calling, regardless of whether you decide to pursue it professionally or not. Being aware of what makes your heart flutter and what makes your face smile is the first step in deciding to do it more - because it will bring you bliss, time and time again!

It's no coincidence that Wanderlust built a huge wood deck at the very top of Stratton Mountain where several classes were held every single day of the festival. I got there a little early before class and was in awe with the view and the feeling that being that high up on the mountain brought to me. It was the outward expression of what I felt inside. I can't even begin to explain what actually practicing yoga with this view felt like!


Practicing yoga, going through the poses, breathing with awareness and intention gives me a feeling that I can only describe as euphoric - or high. And it's that exact feeling that I try to bottle up and carry with me wherever I go, in order to live a continuously joyful life. 

I invite you to look inside. Look deeply and don't be fearful of what comes up - our bliss has oftentimes been buried so deep, that when we finally uncover it, we are faced with feelings of doubt and skepticism. That's when you take a step forward, and consciously decide to get high off your own bliss. Dig deep, it's there. 

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Event: Wanderlust Festival - Stratton, Vermont

Pants: Onzie